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Crash Gates – Effective and Reliable for Successful Physical Security

The chances of your facility becoming the target are directly proportional to your industry classification.  In the grand scheme, your chances are low.  However, can you, as the responsible party, take the chance your Atlanta, GA commercial property will not be the victim of a vehicle-ramming incident or a simple out of control vehicle?

Terrorist attacks and criminals using a heavy vehicle as a ram, to break through gates and other physical barriers to cause significant damage and human harm, is a  threat.  Additionally, drivers can lose control of vehicles, and stopping them is vital.  It is the responsibility of Atlanta commercial facility security personnel, through comprehensive physical security planning and review, to stop cars before serious harm or damage can occur.

There are a substantial number of Atlanta warehouse complexes, airports, and other commercial properties that require enhanced security access coupled with vehicle traffic control.  These commercial properties are served best by the professional installation of a high rated operational crash gate.  Once installed, Crash gates control access by the ability to view picture ID through a camera, communication with the driver through a microphone, or the installation of a control pad using a key card or key code. 

If professionally installed, a BBRSS crash gate can be an effective deterrent and perform its designed purpose of restricting access.  In the process of access restriction, it may become necessary for the gate to restrict the access of speeding cars or trucks, forcing its way into the facility, which may result in a high-speed impact.

Safeguard your Atlanta, GA commercial property from the inherent danger posed by ram raids by installing a hostile vehicle mitigation system, such as a crash gate at exposed entry points.  BBRSS is the industry leader for physical security products, including crash gates, for facilities, buildings, commercial complexes, government facilities, airports, and more across the Atlanta area. (800)367-0387

Atlanta Crash Gates – Crash Rating Excellence

As Atlanta security teams regularly review strategically layered physical security plans, exposed access points protected by either motorized or manual moving gates require a high rated crash system.  If it is discovered the installed crash gate needs repairs or updates, replacing it with a state-of-the-art crash gate from BBRSS makes complete sense.

BBRSS crash gates are rated to protect against an impact by a 15,000 lb. vehicle traveling at a rate of 50 mph. During testing, every vehicle was stopped upon impact.  In addition to being effective, most businesses in Atlanta place a high priority on a pleasing aesthetic appearance when considering physical security products.  BBRSS understands and has a crash gate designed to complement your landscape and architecture. 

Call, and one of our team members will review your needs and offer the right crash gate for your detailed needs. (800)367-0387

Crash Gates Atlanta – Integrity and Reliability in Design and Installation

Founded on integrity and reliability, BBRSS is focused on providing only the highest quality crash gates for a host of Atlanta commercial properties, while offering unmatched experience and dedication to addressing physical safety.  Through careful consideration, we have pulled together the best engineers to build a team focused on listening to security personnel and design products to address their needs.  We pride ourselves as the best in the industry and continue to design high-quality crash gates and other physical security products, provide viable solutions for restricted area protective access, and unsurpassed customer service. 

Call BBRSS today or complete our secure online form.  One of our experienced Atlanta area crash gate experts will reach back out to you to help with any questions you may have and provide valuable information. (800)367-0387

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