Architectural & Engineering Firms

When Architects and Engineers set out to design new buildings and structures, they must consider and design into the plans detailed physical security solutions.  Physical security is an unfortunate result of the current state of the world.  The implementation and inclusion of physical security measures has become the standard in both private and public facilities and structures.  Whether a new facility or an existing one, physical security solutions provide massive opportunities for combatting risks and threats posed.  Implementing these measures does not require your building or structure to become a fortress of sorts to ensure security.  A commercial structure can be aesthetically pleasing while possessing acceptable levels of security and protection.  BBRSS combines our experience, knowledge, and expertise, in security, architecture, and construction, to design feasible yet practical security measures while maintaining focus on aesthetic and functional requirements.

In the design and development of physical security solutions, we have kept our mind on the needs of architects and engineers to balance aesthetics with viable security measures and coordinating levels of protection.  BBRSS has an all-encompassing approach in our assessments and evaluations.  We work closely with the architects and engineers designing the structure coupled with the owners, facility users, and first responders in order to develop a comprehensive security management plan that combines both physical and operational security standards.  Successful security planning requires more than just problem-solving; it requires problem-identifying.  Regardless of the facility type, we have the ability and expertise to identify the vulnerabilities, to develop responsible countermeasures, to design viable solutions, and to educate and train the owners and users how to better rely on a safer and more secure built environment.

If you are an architect or engineer tasked with designing or implementing physical security or operate a facility or are in the process of having a new facility developed and are concerned about implementing responsible security measures, contact us today – we can help.  BBRSS at (800)367-0387