Architects and engineers plan a site with an overall look and feel in mind.  This design often includes considering pedestrian and vehicular traffic safety products.  Products that define crosswalks, traffic routes, and safety barriers especially during times of construction. The full-line of BBRSS-Roadway products are perfectly designed for transportation planning applications as well as traffic control on finished streets. Ideally, vehicles and pedestrians need to travel in certain paths and remain out of restricted areas for their safety  and ultimate protection for theirs and the safety of employees.

BBRSS products, including bollards, are used for the purpose of architectural safety, for people, and protection of property.

  • Separation of vehicle traffic from pedestrian areas.
  • Prevention of unauthorized entry.
  • Simple access control.
  • Storefront protection.

All of these applications require the right traffic safety and security product to be installed in the right place using the right installation methods.  BBRSS can review your project and assist in determining the best product for a specific job. Let us help!  (800)367-0387