BBRSS ARMR and Roadway products are often combined to increase safety and awareness.  Some of our products are multi use and can act as traffic control devices while providing active physical security.  How is physical security also traffic control?  Let’s take pedestrian traffic.  Some facilities need to limit the number of people passing by a check at any given time. Letting the crowd move through at the same time is not optimal and can be a severe safety issue.  Installing barricades or strategic bollards will allow for traffic to be diverted and controlled.  Security teams will be afforded the extra time for security checks, etc. 

BBRSS products are designed every possible need in mind but customization is available upon request.  Safety and security are job one and when necessary traffic management.  BBRSS recognizes the importance of protecting your personnel and assets.  Please review our line of physical security and traffic management products to determine the perfect combination for your facility. 

Some the most common combined applications are:

  • Bridges
  • Life Expectancy
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Bollards

We do not expect you to know right away what products work for your unique security situation, system, or plan.  Our team will work with you the specific products needed and install.  Call to today to find out more (800)367-0387.