Active Warning Gates for use in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Active Warning Gates for use in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

In 2018, over 4.5 million medically consulted injuries occurred on US roadways.  While this number is high, the death and injury rate is declining because Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) improve how we manage traffic and transportation.

ITS provide communication and technology applications to improve our transportation system. ITS technology saves lives, reduces congestion, and improves the environmental sustainability of our transportation system.

Active warning gates communicate with ITS to prevent accidents on roads, bridges, and train crossing. Often drivers are injured because they disregarded safety measures such as warning gates and traffic signals. As ITS technology improves, active warning gates will be able to communicate and regulate safer traffic.

What are Active Warning Gates?

Active warning gates are traffic management systems that control traffic flow for:

Made from hot-dipped galvanized steel, warning gates are activated from sensors and technology to keep drivers safe and help moderate traffic flow. Active warning gate bars can span up to fifty feet and cover multiple lanes of traffic.

There are two types of warning gates: vertical or horizontal. Each has its advantages:

Vertical Warning Gates

The most common type of warning gate, a vertical gate remains in an upright position until the gate is needed to signal a train, bridge, or dangerous road condition by lowering their arm to stop vehicles from passing. Vertical warning gates require less space for opening and closing and can lower across several lanes of traffic.

Horizontal Warning Gates

A horizontal warning gate arm swings open like a door. These gates are ideal for traffic control and access control for a facility.  Available in a variety of sizes, horizontal warning gates can be used to cover multiple traffic lanes.  

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 Bridges need Active Warning Gates using Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) to regulate traffic.

How Do Active Warning Gates Communicate with ITS?

ITS can send real-time information about traffic to close or open the active warning gate when it is safe to pass. The dynamic warning gate will send visual and audible signs to stop or restart traffic flow.

When the information is accurate, vehicles and pedestrians are more likely to obey the traffic lights and gates. One of the biggest reasons people are injured is that they disregard traffic signals and warning gates and go around. By providing more accurate information, the ITS will make the warning gate more effective and reliable.

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Benefits of Active Warning Gates

When warning gates signal and work in a predictable, reliable, and accurate manner, the warning gates will:

Provide traffic control.

Warning gates regulate traffic for HOV or reversible lanes by providing organized traffic management. They also restrict how many vehicles can cross bridges and train tracks. By communicating with the ITS, they can accurately moderate traffic.

Increase the security of the bridge, train, or other assets.

Warning gates provide security for bridges, trains, and facilities by restricting entry based on set conditions. ITS can also pass real-time information to the warning gate by monitoring traffic and transportation conditions. Warning gates can also be customized to withstand vehicle impact.

Save lives.

By accurately warning vehicles and pedestrians of upcoming dangerous conditions, people are more like to obey and not put themselves in compromising situations. While only 100 people die each year from trains, this number is declining because ITS provides better protection.

Work reliably for generations.

Because warning gates are made of high-quality materials, they can accurately operate for decades. This helps with environmental sustainability because the gates do not need to be replaced very often. Active warning gates are energy efficient and require minimal maintenance.

Prevent vehicles from driving in hazardous weather conditions.

Warning gates can close roads when weather conditions become too dangerous on the road. States implement warning gates on roads prone to black ice, flooding, high winds, or heavy snow. Utilizing accurate ITS information about weather conditions, the warning gate can keep vehicles safe.

Active Warning Gates use Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for accurate weather conditions.

How do Warning Gates Utilize ITS to be More Effective?

Warning gate technology communicates with local ITS to determine traffic, traffic patterns, oncoming trains, or bridge changes. The ITS send accurate real-time monitoring information so that the gates react in a reliable and precise manner.

When the warning gate behaves intelligently, vehicle drivers are more inclined to heed warnings and respect the gate until favorable and safer conditions resume. This will save lives.

Why You Should Utilize Active Warning Gates with ITS

Installing warning gates to regulate and control traffic around bridges, roads, facilities, and trains can provide better security for the assets, save lives, reduce injuries, and manage traffic flow. When utilizing ITS, warning gates can accurately warn and stop traffic, making them more reliable and safe.

As ITS systems improve, states and local governments can more accurately predict and plan for traffic flow. They will be able to assess what areas need more traffic management and install warning gates to assist with traffic control and safety.

ITS also provides accurate, real-time hazardous weather information so that warning gates can close roads to protect vehicles and their passengers. Warning gates using ITS will ultimately reduce the number of lives lost on the road and create safer transportation conditions.

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